(University of Delhi)


Rules and Regulations


Only members are allowed to use the library on production of valid ID card issued by the college.
  • Library cards are not transferable.
  • Marking or defacing library resources is strictly prohibited.
  • Use of mobile phone is prohibited in the library. Mobile phones should be kept under silent mode in the library.
  • Students must not leave any book, borrowed for reading or lending purpose, on the reading desks. They must submit the books in the circulation counter before leaving the library.
  • The students/staff will deposit their personal belongings except notebook at the property counter.
  • Students/staff shall not leave Valuables in the bags they deposit at the Property-Counter. The College and Library shall not take any responsibility for the loss of any such item.
  • Marking, underlining, doodling or defacing any Books, Newspapers, Magazines, etc. of the library prohibited.
  • In case the Property-Counter token is lost, the deposited article may be claimed with proper identification.
  • Students can avail borrowing facility of four books against their library cards for a period of two weeks. An overdue charge of Rs.1/-will be collected for each day the books are kept over-time.
  • Students are required to check the physical condition of the books they intend to borrow from the Library. In case any book is found tampered with the pages in any form, the students will have to replace the book with the new and with the latest edition.
  • Requisition Register is available at the Reference Counter
  • If you need any help/assistance contact Librarian or Library Staff.

Membership: Each student is offered library membership at the time of admission. He/she remains a member till he/she is on college rolls Membership of the college Library is open to all the Bonafide UG and PG students as well as teaching and non – teaching staff of the college. College ID card and Library tickets are made for students. Also faculty is issued medical and college ID card from the library.

Library Hours:9:00 am to 5:00pm on all working days and during examinations.9:00am to 4:00pm on Saturdays and during vacations.

Loss of Library Membership Card (I-Card): A student who loses or damages his/her Identity Card shall make a written report to the Office of the College and she/he will be issued a duplicate Identity Card from the Office of the College as per College rules. Member shall be held responsible for any misuse of lost or damaged Identity Card.

Fine: If the user fails to return the book by due date, he/she will be charged a Rs. 1/- Per Volume per day. The user who repeatedly fails to return the books on due date will lose the privilege of membership.

The number of books and the period of loan/borrowing of books for different category of members are as follows:

S.No Member Category No. of Books Borrowing Period Reference Sources Periodicals
1 UG students 4 14 days for consultation only for consultation only
2 PG students 5 14 days for consultation only for consultation only
3 Permanent Faculty 10 14 days for consultation only for consultation only
4 Adhoc Faculty 07 15 Days for consultation only for consultation only
5 Retired Faculty 06 15 Days for consultation only for consultation only
6 Non- Teaching Staff 06 15 Days for consultation only for consultation only